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Work Experience and site tours in Construction: Employer Guidance

This work experience and site tour guide has been written for employers linked to the construction sector. It provides:

  • information on how to run a site visit, including a suggested timetable
  • activity suggestions for a one week work experience
  • guidance for planning workplace events...

10 ways to find your STEM career

Use this poster to help your students to see how their experiences in and out of lessons will support them on their STEM career journey. 

10 years of impact on teachers, pupils and schools - lessons in excellent science education

This Impact Summary, published in 2015, showed how for the previous ten years the National Science Learning Network had provided teachers, technicians and other educators with high impact, subject-specific professional development in science and other STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics...

National STEM Learning Network: regional programme - evaluation report 2015-2016

In 2015-16, the regional Network has been found to have sustained a strong upward trajectory in the amount of CPD that it is delivering, increasing its level of CPD delivery by 45% compared to 2014-15, and surpassing the levels of CPD delivery achieved in previous years.  

The Network has also forged new...

Engineering careers notes for teachers

There is a high demand for engineers in the UK – in fact engineering is one of the most in demand jobs globally. From apprentices to technicians; graduates to postgraduates – engineers are needed at all levels, in a wide range of sectors.

This leaflet from Tomorrow’s Engineers helps teachers explain the...

Engineering career route maps

Opportunities for engineers exist at all levels and these career route maps from Tomorrow’s Engineers show various routes through education and training to become a professional engineer in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Shorter by helicopter

In this resource students are asked to plot graphs of real data to compare the straight-line distances between towns with the distance by road.

The resource is part of the Nuffield Maths Level 1 Foundation resource collection.


This resource contains a worksheet, bingo cards and matching cards to give learners practice in simplifying ratios.

The resource is part of the Nuffield Maths Level 1 Foundation resource collection.

Plumber's call-out

In this resource students complete data tables, then draw, read and interpret linear graphs where the intercept on the y axis is not zero. Interpretation includes finding where two linear graphs meet. The last part requires student access to a spreadsheet.

The resource is part of the Nuffield Maths Level 1...

House prices

There are two versions of this house prices activity. Both involve large data sets of house prices showing how they have changed in different locations over long and short periods of time. In Version A, students draw and interpret statistical diagrams and calculate statistical measures by hand. In Version B,...


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