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STEM Clubs: setting up a club

This series of five videos describes what one needs to consider when setting up a STEM club, and the range of different ways in which one can approach it.

Benefits of setting up a club

Practical considerations

What to do and how to do it...

STEM Clubs: reaping rewards

The four videos below focus on the impact of STEM clubs on achievement, opportunities for staff CPD, and the awards and competitions open to clubs.

Awards and competitions

Academic achievement

Life skills

Professional development...

STEM Clubs: identity and impact

The videos below describe how to create your own club identity, extend the impact of a club, and how to establish successful relationships with other schools and a local community.

Working with your local community

Working with other schools


Static Testing of a Model Rocket

This investigation, from BLOODHOUND SSC, uses a datalogger and force sensor to measure the thrust of a model rocket engine. The results can be analysed to predict the acceleration and speed of a model vehicle. The resource includes detailed instructions on how to conduct the experiment, including health and safety...


In this Nuffield interactive activity students are asked to explore, analyse and describe the patterns generated by moving counters between two stacks according to a fixed rule, always doubling the size of the smaller stack.

The key processes developed by this activity include:

*Representing -...

Spot the Shape

This resource, from the Maths Careers website, asks students to spot the shape in a series of fifteen images. The images include everyday objects, logos and landscapes. For each picture, students are asked to draw the outline of the shape they have spotted and, in the space provided, write the name and any known...

Sports Bag

In this Bowland assessment task, students are required to design a sports bag for a sports company. The bag is in the shape of a cylinder. Students draw the net of the bag from the given dimensions and consider how the three pieces of the bag, the main body of the bag and the two circular ends, should be cut from a...

Spinner Bingo

This Bowland assessment task requires students to list all the outcomes when the numbers on two spinners are added together and calculate the probability of each outcome. Students analyse three bingo cards to determine which is the most likely to win and are required to design a bingo card which has the best chance...

Speedy Santa

In this Bowland assessment task, students are asked to calculate the average amount of time Santa can spend in each house in the UK on Christmas Eve. Students are presented with facts about the population of the UK and constraints by which Santa must abide. They are then required to make reasonable assumptions and...

Speed Cameras

In this activity, students are presented with the question: “Do speed cameras reduce road casualties – or not?”. The activity is set in the context of media reporting to explore ideas of randomness, probability and drawing conclusions from data. A secondary theme is the mathematical modelling of a real situation....


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