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Interim Report: the Teaching of Modern Physics

The Teaching of Modern Physics was written by the Modern Physical Sciences Committee of the Science Masters Association. It includes demonstration and class experiments, and suggested equipment for teachers for the following topics:

- Evidence for the particulate nature of matter
- Experimental...

Decisions in the Science Department: Organization and Curriculum

This book, first published in 1981 by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and Schools Council, looks at the range of decisions that staff in science departments are required to make and the problems associated with making them.

This report was the output of the Science Education Project set up after...

Technical Drawing Courses in Secondary Schools: an HMI Discussion Paper

This paper gives an account of a survey, carried out by HM Inspectors in 1980-81, looking at technical drawing and other drawing office based courses in secondary schools. They also visited 11 industrial companies and 15 institutions of further and higher education to discuss their expectations of students in terms...

Nuffield Physics Background Book: Astronomy

This Nuffield Physics Background Book on astronomy uses a narrative to guide the reader through the development of theory in astronomy, from early ideas and Greek astronomy, through to the work of Kepler and Newton. Many hand-drawn diagrams are used to illustrate the concepts and suggestions for student activities...

Nuffield Chemistry: Book of Data

This Nuffield Chemistry Data Book contains the following sections:

Section 1: Basic information
Table 1.1 Selected symbols and abbreviations
Table 1.2 Values of selected physical measurements
Table 1.3 The elements

Section 2: Masses, volume...

Guides to Assessment in Education: Mathematics

Teachers make assessments all the time for a whole variety of reasons. Assessment is essential to teaching. It has to be acknowledged that although getting to know students thoroughly is part of a teacher's expected load, assessment does represent a noticeable burden. Above all, the report tries to emphasize...

The Physics of Heat Capacity

Part of the Macmillan Monographs in the Physical Sciences series, The Physics of Heat Capacity includes chapters on the heat capacities of gases and solids, and ideas for experimental projects.

Chapter 1, on the heat capacities of gases looks at the kinetic theory of gases...

Hair Studies

This booklet from the Griffin Technical Studies series looks at the biological structure and chemical properties of hair and includes a number of practical experiments to see what changes hair can undergo. It investigates what hair is made of, blood circulation and conditions affecting the hair. It also provides...

Human Chemistry

This booklet provides practical activities linked to health care. Chemistry techniques include tests for carbon, hydrogen, sulphur, nitrogen, iron and flame tests for other elements.

The experiments are:
1. Testing for carbon and hydrogen
2. Testing for sulphur and nitrogen
3. Flame colours...

The Human Machine

This booklet provides a number of practical experiments investigating tissues, organs and organ systems, including how the mind controls the body, psychology and ergonomics.

Curriculum links include, respiratory system, circulatory system, behaviour, nervous system.

The experiments are:


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