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Deagan is an entomologist for the Forestry Commission, and has travelled the world as part of his job.

Curriculum links include classification, climate change, biodiversity, species, taxonomy, ecosystems, rainforests

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Courier Service

This Courier Service traveling salesperson activity is recommended as an additional resource when teaching the traveling salesperson problem. Students are  required to determine and interpret upper bounds, lower bounds and consider real-world factors that may influence the problem.

Save Earth

This Save Earth resource presents a critical path analysis problem. It is designed to be used as an additional resource and fun example when teaching critical path analysis. Students are required to interpret and communicate solutions in the context of the original problem, understand, interpret and extract...

Climbing the Career Ladder

This resource explores the application of flow charts, algorithms and mathematical based careers. Student pairs take it in turns to roll a die and travel along the board, racing through primary school, GCSE revision and work experience towards a successful career.

The resource...

Bin Packing - Theatre booking

In this resource students are asked to play the role of a local theatre manager, tasked with finding the best way to organise the audience to minimise the amount of space they take up. To solve the problem students must apply a series of first fit algorithms.

The resource includes a teacher presentation,...

Paper Cups

This Operational Research (OR) Society resource  invites students to analyse processes and efficiencies through a series of group challenges.

In the first activity students are asked to produce as many cups as possible by folding paper. Students are also asked to calculate the mean, variance and standard...

OR in Education - Swedebuild Teacher Pack

This resource invites students to investigate how many tables and chairs in a new range of dining furniture should be made in order to get the greatest profit. Topics covered include modeling, forming equations, graphing solutions and linear programming.

The resource includes a...

Abbie Hutty - ExoMars Delivery Manager

Abbie is an engineer working at Airbus Defence and Space.  She is in charge of ensuring that all the parts of the ExoMars Rover come together on time and to the right specification. 

Abbie sets two challenges for students: to write an algorithm for a rover to avoid rocks on a grid and to come up with ideas...

Review of practical research projects in science

A good report to show senior leaders in order to gain the necessary support to allow students to carry out extended projects and independent research projects (IRP).

The evidence shows gains in students’ learning, improvements in students’ attitudes to science, suggestions that increased numbers are...

Curriculum map for IBM SkillsBuild e-learning modules

STEM Learning has worked with IBM to increase the accessibility of its SkillsBuild e-learning resources. We have created guides to show which SkillsBuild content supports the specific learning objectives within a range of computing qualification specifications to help save teachers time when planning their...

The Crystal - A sustainable cities initiatives by Siemens

This document introduces 'The Crystal' building in the Royal Docks, London which is designed to improve knowledge of urban sustainability.

CPD taster - Health and safety for early career science teachers

This is a CPD taster created to give newly qualified teachers a better understanding of what to expect when joining one of our secondary science courses. Below you will find a video and a task for you to do in your own time. Then, ...

Evaluating the impact of new teaching practices - computing

These videos guide you through the process of evaluating the impact of changes you make to teaching approaches in your classroom. The evaluation approaches described here will enable you to tell whether new approaches are more effective than what they have replaced. You'll be able to make evidence-informed...

Types of processor activities

This document contains a number of activities for students to carry out. They develop an instruction set for a fictional processor which forms a thought-provoking introduction to this topic. Encourage them to think about basic mathematical operations and how data values need to be manipulated within the CPU. This...

Raspberry Pi recipe card -operating systems

This document introduces students to the Linux operating system by allowing them to learn and use a number of shell commands using a Raspberry Pi computer. Activities allow them to gain an understanding of how resources are managed and levels of access controlled.


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