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STEM careers - profiles

Students are often unaware of the opportunities open to them if they study STEM subjects at school.  This resource, comprising of seven case studies/profiles, is designed to increase awareness of just some of the potential careers open to them in international development.

Why not print out the...

Smoky homes

Aimed at primary aged students, this STEM project provides a real-life context to explore the health and environmental problems faced by the 3 billion people globally who cook on open fires or traditional cooking stoves. Children are introduced to a family in Nepal and learn about indoor air pollution from their...

Fossil making

A STEM club activity where students become a junior palaeontologist and create their own replica of a fossil from the Jurassic period, learning the conditions necessary for fossilisation.

Chemical eruption

Students recreate the reaction of a volcano using baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar (dilute acetic acid).

Pop rockets

In this activity, students create a pop rocket by combining a film canister, antacid tablet and water. 

Spaghetti bridges

This activity could be used in Key Stage 2 as a stand-alone activity, as a focused task to develop skills in the use of the glue gun, or as part of a structures project investigating bridges.

In this activity, students develop both their skills in using a glue gun and demonstrate their understanding of how...

STEM careers - poster

This colourful A2 poster illustrates how studying STEM subjects can lead to four very different careers in the international development sector. Why not print out the case studies that accompany this poster and display them with it for an informative,...

Perseverance film: activity and discovery pack

Perseverance is a NASA rover that landed on Mars, in February 2021.  The rover is searching for past evidence for life on Mars and collecting samples to be returned to Earth with a planned sample return mission, from NASA and the European Space Agency, ESA.  

This resource activity pack supports the video...

Sample analysis

This activity allows pupils to learn how to analyse samples on Mars. Pupils are given the opportunity to use targeted information to work out what their rovers have found on Mars surface and to think like a geologist as they investigate stratigraphy (layers or rocks) using cakes and confectionary samples. This...

Analogue mission

This activity allows pupils to simulate the robotic exploration of Mars. Pupils will have the opportunity to take on the role of the rover controlled by mission control as well as being able to build their own remote control rover. Pupils will use a map of Mars to set out regions of interest and hazards before...


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