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IET Faraday STEM Posters

A range of downloadable classroom posters to support learning in science, computing and engineering. They link to curriculum topics including: forces, light, circuits, space, weather, transport, materials and robotics. All of these posters are updated and the collection is added to on a...

Stupendous Steppers (Ages 5-7) * Suitable for Home Learning*

Aimed at Key Stage One, this resource looks at activity levels and how, through practice, the body may perform better. Linked to Pe and the topic of animals including humans, it also aims to develop enquiry skills. Meet the character Fizzy and her dog Dizzy, who want to learn more about the human body and set...

Eatwell Guide *Suitable for Home Learning*

From the British Nutrition Foundation, these resources help children across the primary phase to name foods in different food groups and to explain that we need to eat from a range of food groups in order to be healthy.

Hungry Mice

From the Science Museum, this interactive game encourages students to think about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Students need to guide their 'Hungry mice' as they find and eat energy sources. Renewable ones are replaced but non-renewable resources disappear. The game is a way to engage younger...

Let’s Dissect – the Kidney

This tutorial, from Bristol University’s Let’s Dissect, highlights the structure and function of the kidney and includes a video of a kidney dissection with accompanying narration describing the anatomy. Curriculum links include the excretory system and homeostasis. The process of kidney dialysis is also...


This Concept Cartoon on recycling was produced by Millgate House Education and Practical Action. This cartoon help students explore issues around how recyling and reusing products can benefit the environment. Concept Cartoons are quick, simple and effective. They are designed to intrigue, provoke discussion and...

Web of Wildlife (Age 7-11)

This resource, produced by ARKive, is designed to teach Key Stage Two children about food chains, food webs and interdependence in different habitats around the world. A presentation using high quality images introduces the structure of simple food chains, food webs and how different organisms within ecosystems...

Test 2 - 18/07/2019

Test 2

Test - 18/07/2019

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Heart Beaters (Ages 9-11)

Aimed at Key Stage Two, this resource looks at the function of the heart, how exercise affects heart rate, and the rate of recovery after exercise. Linked to PE and the topic animals including humans, it also aims to develop enquiry skills.

Lessons are introduced by the character Fizzy, who sets children a...


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