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Lesson 7: Designing our smart city pt. 1

Lesson 4: What's around me?

Lesson 3: Where am I?

Lesson 2: Controlling cars with code

Lesson 1: Robot cars and smart cities

In this activity children are introduced to the concept of robotics and autonomous cars. They discuss what they think cities in the future will look like, and about the role that robots and autonomous vehicles could play. They then work in groups to complete the main challenge of the first lesson: building the mBot...

Sarah Outen science (7-11)

This resource provides ten enquiry based resources for 7-11 year olds which look at living things, within the context of Sarah Outen’s epic London to London journey. The lessons look at the role of exercise and diet in keeping healthy, the human skeleton and muscles and their role in movement, the effect of...

Lesson 6: How do you recover a submarine with levers and pulleys?

This activity supports children in developing their understanding of levers and pulleys, relating this to how cranes launch and recover submersibles. It follows on from Lesson 5 where children designed and built a crane. In this lesson they add a lever or pulley...

Lesson 5: How do you launch a submarine with strong structures?

In this activity liked to children look at how cranes help to launch submersibles. They investigate how cranes work and design and make their own working crane models. They also construct a model submersible to launch and recover once their crane is complete.


Lesson 4: How do you choose materials for a submarine?

This lesson discusses the properties of materials and their use in submersible design. Children look at submersible designs from the past and the materials that they were made from. They learn about the design specification of a submersible and find out about different possible materials that could be used in...

Lesson 2: What lives in the deep sea?

This lesson explores the depth of the ocean through creating a scale diagram of the different ocean zones and identifying significant points within these zones. Children will think about the challenges deep sea exploration poses for humans and how they might be overcome. They also examine submersibles and...


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