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Solids, Liquids and Gases Traffic Lights

An ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary game providing a quick and easy way of assessing whole class knowledge - no writing required.

The resource comprises guidance on how to manage the game and ten questions, or statements (with answers). You may wish to print out the questions for ease of use. Each pupil will...

Warm-Up Work

An action starter game from BP Educational Service for students aged 7-11. Each student carries out an appropriate action for electricity words: wire, battery, bulb, motor, switch, buzzer, electricity.

Further starter activities are available from YSI Warm-up Work on the BP Educational Service website.

Top Trumps

This resource from the Department for Education is a set of 'Top Trumps' cards, which help students reflect on the skills and personality traits of individuals in particular careers. The cards could be used as a starter activity before students reflect on their own attributes and interests.

Voice Your Choice (Key Stage Two)

Voice Your Choice is an innovative, ready-to-go, resource produced by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BCGI) which engages students at Key Stage Two in debate on conservation of animal and plant species.

A scenario is set and students are divided into groups to investigate the reasons for saving a...

Speed Pairs

A quick game, from the ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary CD-ROM, for up to four pupils to reinforce their knowledge of some aspects of Physical Processes.

The resource comprises of cards and instructions for playing the game. Pupils compete to collect the starts and ends of statements or questions. Areas...


BLOODHOUND SSC chatterboxes are an innovative resource that will inspire and motivate science teaching and learning in the classroom.

They are an excellent way to raise standards throughout Key Stage Two and impact on students' attainments.

In this fun and interactive activity, students cut and fold...

Future Morph careers quest

Future Morph Careers Quest was developed for students attending one of the the Big Bang science fairs. In the activity, students question exhibitors about aspects of their work and how they had chosen their particular career.

Whilst developed for a an exhibition context, the resources can suggest questions...

Endangered Species Bingo (Age 7-11)

Produced by ARKive, this engaging activity introduces students to the concept of endangered species and what it means when a species becomes extinct. After a class discussion about endangered species and the different endangered statuses, knowledge is reinforced by playing Endangered Species Bingo. The 'caller' has...


Three games for students from Planet Science which are based on dice with clues to articles that can be found around the house. The easy game is suitable for under 11’s, the harder for over 11’s with access to the internet.

Build a Bug Activity

This is a classroom-based activity from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute that allows students to explore the features of two bacterial pathogen genomes. The aim of this activity is to highlight the role of different genetic components in two closely related subspecies of Salmonella enterica, and to identify how...


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