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Dinner at the Reef: Food Chains (Age 7 - 11)

Published by the ARKive Project, this fun and interactive game explores food chains in a marine environment, predator-prey relationships and the fine balance of an ecosystem. The resources include teachers notes and students activity sheets.

ARKive's Adaptation: Design a Species Activity (Age 7-11)

This creative activity from ARKive is designed to teach Key Stage Two students about the concept of adaptation. Using the marine environment as an example, students learn about how different species are adapted physically or behaviourally to survive in a particular type of habitat. Students then design their own...

Heart Beaters (Ages 9-11)

Aimed at Key Stage Two, this resource looks at the function of the heart, how exercise affects heart rate, and the rate of recovery after exercise. Linked to PE and the topic animals including humans, it also aims to develop enquiry skills.

Lessons are introduced by the character Fizzy, who sets children a...

Humans and Animals

These activities from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) are designed to encourage students to think about the characteristics of a range of animals, including humans. A series of interactive games explore senses, movement, habitat, food, lifestyle, and appearance.


Population Growth

An activity from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) intended for students to explore the growth of a population of rabbits or microorganisms over a fixed period time. Students explore the environmental conditions to illustrate several essential requirements for life. An extension activity...

Drama: Growing Pains

This resource, aimed at Key Stage Two, covers the topic areas of plants and animals in the environment and helping plants grow well. In the form of a play script, Growing Pains takes a humorous look at what plants need to grow. Carbunckle a robot, Princess Creosote an alien and Joseph Soap the gardener, meet in a...

Life Is Loopy

This loop game from ASE, revises vocabulary and knowledge on the topics of moving and growing, habitats, life-cycles and keeping healthy. The resource consists of twenty-one question and answer cards, and guidance on how to use them with your class.

This resource is part of the ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary...

Voice Your Choice (Key Stage Two)

Voice Your Choice is an innovative, ready-to-go, resource produced by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BCGI) which engages students at Key Stage Two in debate on conservation of animal and plant species.

A scenario is set and students are divided into groups to investigate the reasons for saving a...

Endangered Species Bingo (Age 7-11)

Produced by ARKive, this engaging activity introduces students to the concept of endangered species and what it means when a species becomes extinct. After a class discussion about endangered species and the different endangered statuses, knowledge is reinforced by playing Endangered Species Bingo. The 'caller' has...


Three games for students from Planet Science which are based on dice with clues to articles that can be found around the house. The easy game is suitable for under 11’s, the harder for over 11’s with access to the internet.


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