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Life Is Loopy

This loop game from ASE, revises vocabulary and knowledge on the topics of moving and growing, habitats, life-cycles and keeping healthy. The resource consists of twenty-one question and answer cards, and guidance on how to use them with your class.

This resource is part of the ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary...

Cool and Fun!

This resource contains poems written by children on science themes. The poems look at scientists, science lessons, an electrical circuit and an eclipse. They show how learning in science could be linked to literacy.
Originally published by ASE as part of the ASE/Pfizer poetry competition they are part of the...

Science Fairs

An ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary resource which provides almost everything you need to help you run an exciting and successful science fair in your school.

Themes include Living It Up, Magic Materials, Fabulous Forces, Superb Sound, Lovely Light and Excellent Electricity.

Lots of advice on how to...


Two ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary quizzes based on familiar formats.

Who wants to be a scientist? is based on a well-known quiz format. It is a PowerPoint presentation, using overheads. You may want to print these out in black and white.

Questions are based around the Physical Processes teaching...


This Association for Science Education (ASE) resource from the SYCD: Science Year Primary collection provides a template for a successful bridging topic between primary and secondary schools.

Passport can also be used as a stand alone activity in Year Six to help students focus on their investigative skills...

Parents in Primary Science

An ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary resource giving sensible and useful help on how best to involve parents in their children's science education at home and in school.

This resource includes really different and exciting activities that could be done in school, or at home, with advice on their organisation....

Investigating Ice

A new way of looking at melting ice. This investigation, from the ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary CD-ROM, is organised for three age groups 5-7 years, 7-9 years and 10-11 years.

You will need to print out a copy of the notes for ease of use. You will need the following equipment:

*For the age 5-7...

Baking Bread

This resource looks at the irreversible change associated with making bread. It includes teacher guidance for activities, a recipe for chapattis, photographs and a worksheet. It also contains suggestions for teaching the topic to younger learners.
Although designed as a science resource it could also be used...

Solids, Liquids and Gases Traffic Lights

An ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary game providing a quick and easy way of assessing whole class knowledge - no writing required.

The resource comprises guidance on how to manage the game and ten questions, or statements (with answers). You may wish to print out the questions for ease of use. Each pupil will...

Experience the Moon

In this ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary resource, Holidays on the Moon! Universal Tours Limited wants sales executives to develop extra-terrestrial trips for tourists. 


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