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Lesson 1 - What makes a good website?

In this lesson, pupils will explore and review existing websites and evaluate their content. They will have some understanding that websites are created using HTML code.

Learning objectives

  • To review an existing website and consider its structure
  • I can explore a website
  • ...

Lesson 2 - How would you layout your web page?

In this lesson, pupils will look at the different layout features available in Google Sites and plan their own web page on paper. Pupils will look at two of their favourite websites and sketch them on the worksheet provided, detailing the similarities and differences. 

Learning objectives


Lesson 6 - Following my design

During this lesson, pupils will use their project designs from the previous lesson to create their projects on-screen in ScratchJr. They will use their project design, including algorithms created in the previous lesson, to make programs for each of their rocket sprites. They will test whether their algorithms are...

Lesson 5 - Project design

During this lesson, pupils will choose appropriate backgrounds and sprites for a ‘Space race’ project. They will decide how each sprite will move, and create an algorithm based on the blocks available in ScratchJr that reflects this.

Learning objectives

  • To design the parts of a project...

CPD taster - Health and safety for early career science teachers

This is a CPD taster created to give newly qualified teachers a better understanding of what to expect when joining one of our secondary science courses. Below you will find a video and a task for you to do in your own time. Then, ...

Lesson 4 - Adding sprites

During this lesson, pupils will be taught how to add and delete sprites in ScratchJr. They will discover that each sprite has its own programming area, and learn how to add programming blocks to give instructions to each of the sprites.

Learning objectives

  • To explain that each sprite has...

Lesson 3 - Make a change

During this lesson, pupils will discover that some blocks in ScratchJr have numbers underneath them. They will learn how to change these values and identify the effect on a block of changing a value.

Learning objectives

  • To identify the effect of changing a value
  • I can find blocks...

Lesson 2 - Joining blocks

In this lesson, pupils will discover that blocks can be joined together in ScratchJr. They will use a Start block to run their programs. They will also learn additional skills such as adding backgrounds and deleting sprites. Pupils will follow given algorithms to create simple programs.


Lesson 1 - Comparing tools

During this lesson, pupils will become accustomed to the ScratchJr programming environment. They will discover that they can move characters on-screen using commands, and compare ScratchJr to the Bee-Bots used in the previous unit.

Learning objectives

  • To choose a command for a given...

Programming B – Introduction to animation overview

In this unit, Year 1 pupils will develop their ideas around Programming, through learning how to use ScratchJr to create simple animations. Teach Computing have provided a detailed Unit Overview and Learning Graph which explain each theme and how they link together across the unit of learning.

In the unit...


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