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Lookouts Activity 3: Help!

In this resource aimed at lower primary level, children learn that plants need water to survive. Looking at a wilted plant, children think about what is wrong with the plant and discuss ways in which it could be revived. They then cut out a ‘Plants need water’ cartoon sequence and rearrange it into the correct...

Lookouts Activity 2: Spot the Plant

In this resource aimed at younger primary learners, children learn how to identify and name common plants. The activities contain a thinking walk where children are challenged to find a selection plants by matching them to The Great Plant Hunt Identikit provided. They record details about where they found the...

Lookouts Activity 1: Thinking Walk

Aimed at younger primary learners, this resource provides an opportunity to review the parts of a plant, look at the differences between different plants and to find words to describe them. The activity involves children planning a thinking walk, considering how they will respect the plants and other living things...

Darwin's Lookouts: Quick Start Resources

This resource pack aimed at younger primary level, provides activities in which children learn how to identify and name some common UK plants, learn to recognise the parts of a plant and to discover the variety within plants. Designed as an introduction to a topic on plants, it could be used in class or assembly to...

Skills Builder Toolkit

The Skills Builder Toolkit draws together the best thinking and experience around building essential skills from educators, employers and other skills-building organisations. It turns skills that can often seem hazy into a consistent set of eight transferable skills:

  • Listening
  • Presenting
  • ...

NE710 Planning for learning supporting resources

Supporting resources for the online CPD course for teachers: Planning for learning.

Gap Task - Data Handling

Here is my Year 1 Data Handling lesson plan and evaluation. 

Pictograms - Unplugged and with use of laptops.

Hope I'm on the right lines.
Kim Hall

Primary QR Code Activity - iGuess Beasts

This Key Stage 1 activity introduces children to QR (Quick Response) Codes.  The children use tablets to scan QR Codes and guess the minibeasts from a given habitat.

Includes step-by-step lesson plan and associated teacher/pupil resources.

Get more free computing lesson plans and resources at...

Intriguing Ice

This video demonstrates an experiment which may be used when learning about changing state. Different kinds of liquid are frozen and the results observed and discussed. Pre-boiled water results in a mostly clear ice, salt water a cloudy ice, lemonade an ice...

Shapes with bubbles and balloons

Fun Maths with soap bubbles and balloons



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