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Primary Science in the UK: a Scoping Study

The Wellcome Trust commissioned this research in May 2004. The Graduate School of Education at Queen’s University Belfast and the Science Department of St Mary’s
University College Belfast carried out the work. The Wellcome Trust was seeking to
establish an overview of the current status of primary...

Believers, Seekers and Sceptics: What Teachers Think about CPD

In 2005 the Wellcome Trust commissioned this survey of teachers and managers in state maintained schools in England, focusing on three main aspects of continuing professional development (CPD):

• What do different types of teacher want from CPD?
• What are the benefits of CPD, and for whom?

Creative Encounters: Feasibility Study for a Touring Exhibition to Promote Creative Learning in Science

Published by the Wellcome Trust in 2007, this report is the product of a feasibility study for a touring exhibition to promote creative learning in science. The study involved:

* Evaluating the Trust's objectives for such an exhibition and making recommendations on the
feasibility of meeting these...

Practical Work in Science: a Report and Proposal for a Strategic Framework

This Science Community Representing Education (SCORE) report examines the key findings of a review of practical work in primary, secondary and post-16 science education.

The report focuses on:
* What is meant by practical work in science?
* What are the aims and purposes of practical work in...

Assessment of Practical Work in Science

This resource is a summary of a seminar organised by SCORE (Science Community Representing Education) in November 2009. The seminar aimed to discuss the purpose and methods of assessment of practical work in science. It also looked at the current GCSE specifications and the key philosophical differences of the...

Ensuring Effective CPD for Teachers of Mathematics in Primary Schools

A policy report produced by the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education which argues that the key issues for the future of primary mathematics learning and teaching can only be addressed in primary schools if there is suitable provision of continuing professional development (CPD). In view of this, ACME...

Ensuring a High Quality, Localised Infrastructure for the CPD of Maths Teachers

The purpose of the study, produced by the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME) was to inform the establishment of the planned National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM), but it is also hoped that this report of the study will be viewed as a useful contribution to the on-...

Craft, Design and Technology: a Curriculum Statement

This report, published in 1980 by the Association of Advisers in Design and Technical Studies, describes and justifies the area of the curriculum then known as craft, design and technology. It states the importance of the skills that it teaches - allowing individuals to interact rationally and positively with the...


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