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Under the Microscope: the State of Resourcing of Practical Science in Primary Schools

This resource, commissioned by SCORE (Science Community Representing Education) and published in April 2013, reports on the findings of research into the nature of resourcing and funding of practical science within primary schools in England. The aim was to identify and understand types of issues that might be...

An A-Z of Primary Science: Active Teaching and Learning Approaches in Science

This booklet aims to provide a starting point for reflection and discussion on issues in primary science education. It has been produced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Active Teaching and Learning Project (ATLAS) which drew upon the expertise, experience and advice of teachers and educators from...

STEM careers toolkit: a guide to LMI sources and careers support organisations

Labour market information (LMI) provides quantitative and qualitative data about the workplace. It may include information about the range of jobs available, salaries and the demand for, and supply of, labour. It also gives you information about skill supply and shortages and the impact of national and global...

STEM careers toolkit: a guide to sources of STEM related resources

A list of STEM focused resources and information for teachers with links to the relevant websites.

STEM careers toolkit: primary school student survey

This survey template can be used to gather student opinions on science and mathematics in primary schools. 

The Exclusion from School of Children Aged Four to Seven

The number of children aged seven and under who are excluded from primary schools is very small and comprises a tiny proportion of children of this age from a very small proportion of schools. Nevertheless, some children of this age group are receiving fixed-period exclusions, occasionally leading to permanent...

Day Six of Exclusion: The Extent and Quality of Provision for Pupils

This report from Ofsted looks at the provision for excluded pupils. Schools and local authorities are required to provide full-time and suitable education for pupils from day six of fixed-period and permanent exclusions. This survey evaluates the extent to which a sample of schools and local authorities were...

Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones

This resource by Pedagogics explores subtle adjustments to teacher's language in order to be less emotive, more objective-led and promote progress.

Delivering the Behaviour Challenge

Written in 2009 by the Department for Children, Schools and families, this resource sets out the government's support for behaviour in schools at that time.

Dr Haim Ginott Quote

This Pedagogics resource displays a quote from Dr Haim Ginott entitled "I have come to a frightening conclusion".


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