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Prizes for STEM based primary school competitions based in and around Glasgow, Scotland

As part of The IET Scotland South West committee, we have available a small fund available to either provide small prizes or material to enable STEM investigations / competitions to be held in and around Glasgow.

The aim is to promote STEM competitions in primary school to highlight to young people the...

Topical Science Updates

Topical Science Updates are monthly newsletters for schools focusing on some of the big, quirky and interesting science stories in the news. 

Each month 3 or 4 stories are featured to help teachers embed topical science in their everyday teaching.

Each story has links to articles, video clips and...

Fruit and vegetable sorting cards

These cards contain pictures of a selection of fruit and vegetables.  They can be cut out and laminated and used for a variety of activies such as sorting, playing memory pairs or to identify the odd one out from a group of three or four.  They can also be used for a game of 'What's in the Box?' where children...


This booklet, the Mathematics Centre at the University of Chichester, contains some ideas that Marion Bird has used with reception children, aiming to involve them in activities and encouraging them to participate in steering the direction of their early mathematical activities.

The teacher's role in using...

Making a Start

This booklet, the Mathematics Centre at the University of Chichester, is about beginnings. Here teachers and students are tackling unfamiliar interactions as the students are playing games, investigating, discussing and problem solving. The contributing teachers all met initially as members of courses run by the...

British Science Week 2016 Home Science Booklet

Short booklet suitable for pupils from Reception - Year 6, encouraging children to engage in simple Science activities at home. This one has specific details about local events around Leeds, but can be easily edited to put in your own local events.

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