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Career Ready

Seven case studies of students who have completed the  Career Ready programme.  

Career Ready is the national charity that links businesses with schools and colleges to prepare young people for the world of work and  is currently recruiting volunteers to help enthuse the next generation of...

ABPI careers advice resources

A set of resources that can be used by career advisers, science teachers and parents to help give guidance to students about subject choices suitable for pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Getting experience - Recruiters usually look for people to have had some exposure to the...

Maggie Aderin-Pocock

You may have seen Maggie Aderin-Pocock presenting BBC's The Sky at Night, asking Jeremy Paxman to hold a torch while she described a lunar eclipse, or on the sofa of a breakfast television show or The One Show talking enthusiastically about science. You may not know that she has hung out of the back of military...

Jo Shien Ng

Jo Shien Ng works to develop more and more sensitive electrical components called 'avalanche photodiodes' used in everything from satellites that look at the Earth from space, to body scanners in hospitals and airports. She does this by applying an understanding of the behaviour of materials developed through...

Jassel Majevadia

Jassel Majevadia is currently completing a PhD which will contribute to the safety of nuclear energy. Working on her Mac in coffee shops at Imperial College, she is able to apply her knowledge of mathematics and physics to perform new calculations and improve understanding of the way in which tiny bits of materials...

Danger: Rogue Waves

This Mathematics Matters case study, from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, looks at how mathematical models try to understand the causes of rogue waves. These huge waves appear without warning, towering high over ships and oil rigs. Traditional mathematical models could not predict the occurrence...

Keeping hearts pumping

This Mathematics Matters case study, from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, looks at how mathematics modelling can aid investigations into the circulatory system. Blood-related diseases can seriously harm patients’ quality of life and even lead to death. Many of these diseases are caused by...

A career in veterinary nursing

Veterinary Nurses (VNs) and Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) work alongside Veterinary Surgeons within a veterinary surgery, animal hospital or animal welfare centre and are important members of the veterinary team.

A career in animal training and behaviour

A variety of roles exist for those interested in the training and behaviour of animals, which range from dog handler to animal behaviourist, to training captive wild animals in zoos and performing animals for film and television. 

Choosing a career in wind, wave and tidal energy

This resource from Renewable UK illustrates the wide range of careers available in the UK's renewable energy industry.


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