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In this resource from ESA, students' mission is to design and build a vehicle that will protect their Eggnaut from the perils of re-entry from space. The objective is to have your Eggnaut survive the fall without a crack. The project can be adpated for either primary or secondary students. The resource was produced...

Prizes for STEM based primary school competitions based in and around Glasgow, Scotland

As part of The IET Scotland South West committee, we have available a small fund available to either provide small prizes or material to enable STEM investigations / competitions to be held in and around Glasgow.

The aim is to promote STEM competitions in primary school to highlight to young people the...


This resource, provided by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and part of the SYCD Science Year Who am I? collection, is a template for successful bridging projects.It is designed as transition activity for students moving from primary to secondary school.

By collecting visas for skills and...

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