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Bivariate Data, Regression and Correlation: Residuals

In this activity the goal is for students to understand how the regression line is chosen. Autograph has a built-in facility for showing the squares of the residuals and is required to make this task work. Students are asked to explore what the lines that give the sum of the y-on-x residuals equal to zero have in...

STEM Learning Magazine: Post-16 and FE - Spring 2016

Under the banner of Building a successful network, Dr Katherine Forsey and Sue Churm consider how to create a technical network and how to get the most from it, Jenny Phillips explores the challenges FE practitioners face and Ed Walsh explains what the teacher recognition scheme...

Finance project

This Core Maths resource package involves students completing a financially-themed project. Students are given the task of promoting, manufacturing and delivering a new mobile phone for the best possible price. Students complete annual reports on monthly income and expenditure, explore interest rates, exchange...

Psychology of Attraction - Who do we like and Why?

A workshop plan and resources backed up by notes of related scientific studies that were developed by Cinelive and Professor Viren Swami of Anglia Ruskin University.

These were delivered as part of 'What's the Grey Matter with Gregory?', an immersive arts/science project delivered across the UK in 2015/2016...

Attracting Hormones - What and Who do we like?

A series of resources developed by Cinelive alongside Professor Dave Hornby of the University of Sheffield, Professor Frank Hucklebridge of the University of Westminster and Professor John Wass of Oxford University.

These resources provide the opportunity for a group to explore the history of our...

Notes " Limit & Tangent , Normals"


To study concept of Limit & Tangents, Normal to the Curve"

Taken from different Web Sources.

very Helpful for Homework & Worksheet Purpose 

BBC Micro:bit for sensing and control with a buggy

An article about using the BBC Micro:bit to control a £25 Kitronic self-assembly buggy.  The assembled kit makes a line-following buggy.  The micro:bit can be used just to control the motion, after calibration, of the buggy as a floor trutle.  It can also use the on-board accelerometer sensor to convert it into a "...

'Maths in Space' workshop

A series of three activities exploring the mathematics behind space exploration. The resources cover:

  • Estimating the distances involved in space
  • Communication/describing mathematical shapes- would students perform well during a space walk?
  •  Survival on the moon- calculation of...

Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics: Particles, Imaging and Nuclei

Published by the Nuffield Foundation, the articles in this Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics reader are extended concepts covered in the course and examined developments in physics taking place in the 1980s.

*The particles and forces of nature

Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics: Energy Options

Published by the Nuffield Foundation, this background reader was compiled to support Unit G 'Energy sources' in the Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics course. This book contained a collection of articles related to energy options. The articles were not written specially for the course but were selected from a range...


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