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Testing testing

Machine learning is a process where machines or rather, computer code running on machines, is created that allows the code to develop its own methods to categorise information based on data that we feed into it.  Scientists at the University of Oxford are working on...

The brain game

Impulsive, socially anxious, uncompromising - these are some of the characteristics you may recognise in the teenagers you know. Scientists at the University of Oxford are researching into changes that take place in the teenage brain that may...

The magic of maths

This mathematics lesson is suitable for KS4 or more able KS3 students.

They explore numbers in nature and discover that Fibonacci numbers and spirals frequently appear. They will then use the sequence to discover and...

Truth, trust and twitter

Scientists at the University of Oxford are investigating how computers could be used to assess online information for trustworthiness. This could be particularly useful to help people interpret information about recent or rapidly changing incidents. 


Watching the brain at work

This activity introduces students to an exciting technique at the forefront of brain research, functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI. Researchers use this powerful imaging technique to pinpoint precisely which areas of the brain are associated with different activities.

The activity guides students...

Wave or particle

Does light behave like a wave, a stream of particles or both? Scientists at the University of Oxford are taking advantage of the particle-wave duality of light to carry out work developing exciting new technologies.



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