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An introduction to papers and boards

This presentation and student activity support the teaching of the properties, types and uses of papers and boards. The presentation looks at how papers and boards are made, providing a brief scientific explanation for their structure.

Design ethics, sustainability and the environment mock exam

This mock exam tests student understanding of the ethics involved in being a designer. Questions look at sustainability, life cycle analysis and the impact of design on society.

Energy Generation

This collection of resources provides classroom presentations and activities to engage students in different types of energy generation. Content covered includes renewable and non renewable energy types, environmental impact and provides examples of different types of power stations around the world.

Globalisation and product manufacture

This resource explores the impact of globalisation on the manufacturing market. It explores the advantages and disadvantages of global product manufacture, looking at topics such as transport, sustainability, delivery, consumer rights, legislation. The presentation and worksheets combine to create a learning mat...

Levers and linkages, gears, pulleys and cams

This collection of classroom presentations, student worksheets and student revision activities support the teaching of:

  • types of motion (I.e. reciprocating, oscillating, linear, rotary)
  • gears (I.e. bevel, idler, gear trains
  • pulleys
  • levers (I.e. first order, second order,...

Life Cycle Analysis

This collection of resources looks at the Life Cycle Analysis of a mobile phone. Included in this resource are the student worksheets. teacher notes and a presentation.

Modern Materials

This collection of resources support students to increase their understanding of Kevlar, carbon fibre, glass reinforced polyester, phase changing materials, Nomex, geotextiles, LCD, Rhovyl, breathable clothing, UV protective clothing and microfibres. The resources provide a classroom presentation, student worksheet...

Natural timber and manufactured board

This presentation and student worksheet provides an overview of various timbers (hardwood and softwood) and manufactured boards.

New and Emerging technologies revision materials

These resources provide revision materials for testing student understanding of the new and emerging technology section of the GCSE Design and Technology specification. The resources include a revision presentation, mock exams and revision cards.

Open and closed loop electronic systems

This resource is an introductory lesson to electronic systems. Its content looks at system diagrams (I.e. circuit diagram, flow charts), open loop systems and closed loop systems. Using the key terms input, process, output and feedback, students are given examples of products and asked to describe the system that...


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