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In the build-up to the Christmas Lectures in 2012, the Royal Institution published a new video for every day of advent revealing the elements that really excite and inspire people. From the roof of the Royal Institution, Derek Muller from the Veritasium YouTube channel stresses the need to communicate the beauty...

What Can Soap Films Tell Us about Motorways?

This resource, from the Royal Institution, provides a series of activities which draw together a range of areas of mathematics and its applications, as well as considering how and why soap bubbles can provide the answers to some seemingly unrelated questions. Students design and test motorway networks connecting...

Why Science Is NOT 'Just a Theory'

In this film from the Royal Institution, Jim Al-Khalili explains the difference between scientific theory and the theories people may have in everyday life.

In general conversation, a ‘theory’ might simply mean a guess. But a scientific theory is founded on strong evidence and provides ways to make real-...


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