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'Using Numbers' builds on basic concepts of maths using lively, colourful examples and simple games.

Explore the underwater world of these majestic creatures without getting wet! Dive down beneath the waves and catch a glimpse at some of nature's greatest predators. Check out the super strength of the Great White,...

Find out everything you need to know about the wind, from how we use wind to how to make a pinwheel, with the 'Weather Watch' series. Each book in this appealing series focuses on a different type of weather: how...

This book includes a wide range of exciting and imaginative projects to help young children master different art and craft techniques such as printmaking, collage, painting and stencilling, cartooning and model-...

This books is designed to introduce and teach how to write and understand control sequence programs. It includes hands-on activities and projects, helpful hints and tips and teaches up-to-date computing techniques and tools.


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