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Understanding the UK STEM technician workforce

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation has undertaken a number of previous studies in order to deliver a greater understanding of the UK’s technician workforce. Key has been the 2012 publication by Geoff Mason Science, Engineering and Technology Technicians in the UK Economy, which was crucial in exploring cross-sectoral...

Visking Tubing

This resource describes a visual way of demonstrating diffusion through a semi-permeable membrane. It can be used as a model for the human gut or for investigating the effect of amylase on starch. Two standard tests are used. The first uses iodine to test for starch and the second test uses Benedict’s reagent to...

Welding technician -Sophy

Sophy was passionate about Maths and Science at school. So much so her school encouraged her to complete a BTEC outside of school. On leaving school she became an apprentice  at Hydram and studied Mechanical Engineering. She is now full time, working as a Welding technician, working on the vehicles...


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