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Third Resource Book

Third Resource Book, part of the teacher material for the New Peak Mathematics, to support the following areas of development in Peak Three which may require some extra support from the teacher.

The book covers:

[b] Peak Three part 1[/b]

Triangular numbers, sets of equivalent fractions, place...

This comprehensive primary ICT scheme has been developed to be supportive yet flexible enough to suit all teachers, whatever their level of ICT expertise. The scheme encourages users to develop their own skills at the computer in order to plan, deliver and assess ICT in a confident and targeted way.


Trees / Neighbourhood

The Trees theme links to angles, beginning notions relating to trigonometry, length and area, scale drawing, compass directions, money, simple formulae graph work and decimals.


This book is part of the Archive Collection which is available to view at the National STEM Learning Centre.

A chemistry text for A-level students based on analysis of the latest A and AS syllabuses. It bridges many topics from GCSE and places emphasis on social, economic, environmental and technological applications of chemistry.

Rewritten in line with the revised A-Level Science syllabuses, this book has an introductory chapter designed to aid transition from GCSE Double Science. Additional "bridging" questions and text have been added for students who need to build confidence and achieve success early in their course.

The text has...

The step from GCSE to A-level physics can be daunting. This textbook is designed to help students achieve that transition. Physics syllabuses have changed considerably in recent years, with the emphasis now placed on...

Written by and for teachers of the National Curriculum design and technology subjects - art and design, business studies, CDT, home economics and IT - this book aims to be a jargon-free translation of the official documents. It offers checklists, discussion points and examples of good practice.

The "Century Maths" series is a flexible range of mathematics materials for pupils aged 11-16 (Years 7-11), developed by a team based at the Institute of Education, University of London. The materials have been designed and tested to fit the requirements of the National Curriculum.

They provide support...


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