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Design abacus

From Practical Action, this resource is an eco-tool used to compare the sustainability of two products or design ideas.

Design for a better world

Design for a better world is a design challenge for students aged 11-14 years. It offers students the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the global goals for sustainable development.
  • Access a range of global contexts including water and sanitation, food security and climate action in which to...

Ditch the dirt

This challenge enables pupils to model and test filters as a way of making dirty water cleaner. It can also be used to explore ways of making water safe to drink.  Curriculum links include separation techniques and pure substances.

The challenge can provide a focus for National Science and Engineering Week,...

Eco-design web

The Eco-design web is a useful tool to help students’ analyse an existing product or design. It can also be used to indicate areas of the product that can be redesigned to improve its environmental sustainability.


The environmental impact of a product throughout the different stages of its lifecycle are quantified in this activity. Data from the Eco-indicator 99 Manual for Designers is required for the final evaluation task.

Economic Sustainability

Two worksheet based activities that can be used to identify the impacts of technology upon people to sustain their communities in the future. The first activity considers the economic impact upon sustainability with key questions to research and the second task is an analysis activity looking at cultural, economic...

Effects of Climate Change - Images

A number of images from Practical Action showing the effects of climate change and climate change adaptation. The images can be freely used by students and/or incorporated into teaching resources by teachers. The following text describes each of the photographs: *Drought in Kenya means there is little water left...

Energy *suitable for home teaching*

Produced by Practical Action, these materials contain ideas and support for students undertaking a CREST award. There are stimulus materials that help students look at an issue of sustainable development. This project looks at the issues around providing sustainable energy in poor communities. It encourages...

Energy - technical briefs

These technical briefs focus on energy access as a key element in lifting people out of poverty. In remote locations small-scale renewable...

Energy revision cards

Resources which can be used to enhance a lesson on renewable energy or for homework activities. Includes:

  • A loop game activity with all the key words and facts needed at KS4
  • A renewable energy word search and the answer sheet
  • Crossword to test knowledge of key terms around energy at...


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