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Understanding the Laws of Arithmetic N5

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students learn to interpret numerical expressions using words and area representations, recognise the order of operations and equivalent expressions and understand the distributive laws of multiplication and division
over addition (the expansion of brackets). Most...

Using Binomial Probabilities S8

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students calculate binomial probabilities and cumulative binomial probabilities. They develop their understanding of the context in which it is appropriate to use binomial probabilities, the symmetrical nature of the formula for a binomial probability and alternative...

Using Directed Numbers in Context N8

This resource provides a lesson in which children understand and use negative numbers in the context of
temperatures. Looking at the temperatures of different cities, they find missing temperatures and temperature differences. Temperature scales are provided which could help children who need a visual...

Using Indices N12

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit students are introduced to fractional and negative indices to enable them to evaluate numerical expressions using negative and fractional
indices and use the rules of indices with integer and fractional powers of variables. Students should have some knowledge of...

Using Misconceptions

In these Standards Unit:Improving Learning in Mathematics videos you can find out what is meant by a misconception, explore activities that bring out misconceptions and reflect on how they might be used positively.

Overview In the overview you can see a short sequence covering of the ways of...

Using Percentages to Increase Quantities N7

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students make links between percentages, decimals and fractions, represent percentage increase and decrease as multiplication and recognise the inverse relationship between increases and decreases. Most students will have met these concepts before, however, many will...

Using Probability Computer Games S3

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students confront and overcome common misconceptions about probability, count equally likely outcomes using diagrams, discuss relationships between theoretical probabilities, observed outcomes and sample sizes and calculate probabilities of dependent and independent...


In this section you will be able to explore: * The challenges and issues faced in post-16 mathematics education. *The research underpinning the approaches adopted by the Standards Unit to meet the challenges. *The experiences of the teachers and trainers in the pilot.


Introductory videos for the Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics resources featuring Background, Addressing the issues, Developing the approach,The way forward and How to use the resource.

The resources offer the opportunity to learn about the approaches adopted in the Standards Unit...


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