Key Stage 3 National Strategy: strengthening teaching and learning of energy in Key Stage 3 Science, additional support pack

The national strategy for Key Stage 3 is mounted by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) and supported by a national team. The aim of the strategy is to raise standards by strengthening teaching and learning, developing cross-curricular skills such as literacy and numeracy, helping pupils who come into Year 7 below level 4 to make faster progress and help other groups of pupils who need additional support.

The strategy is based on four key principles:

Expectations: establishing high expectations for all pupils and setting challenging targets for them to achieve.

Progression: strengthening the transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 and ensuring progression in teaching and learning across Key Stage 3.

Engagement:  promoting approaches to teaching and learning that engage and motivate pupils and demand their active participation.

Transformation: strengthening teaching and learning through a programme of professional development and practical support.

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