British Science Week: primary activity (2016)

Aimed at primary level, this pack contains a range of different activities which and are intended to stretch the imagination. The activities cover a mixture of topics including: materials and their properties, Earth and Space, 3D shape, habitats, food chains, electricity, Bluetooth communication and computing.

Designed for use in class or as part of a science week or club, they promote investigative work and communication skills and include: building a pyramid, making electro dough, using scratch to create an animation, investigating colour, making toothpaste, observing Earth from Space and working like an astronaut.

Teachers' notes are provided within the pack and include concise summaries of the science involved in the investigations.

This resource is part of the British Science Association’s British Science Week activity pack series.

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Some fantastic ideas here for British Science week for the new teachers or those more experienced. Looking at different types of 'space'.