This Triple Science Support guide introduces some of the key principles of effective differentiated learning and provides a range of practical ideas for differentiating by

1. Content – input, what the students learn

2. Process – how the students go about making sense of ideas and information

3. Product – output, how the students demonstrate what they have learned

For a full suite of guides, resource packages and professional development opportunities to support intervention in science visit the Triple Science Support Intervention page.

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TanyaS (not verified)

The Triple Science paper will be particularly useful when talking to teachers about differentiation. I like the checklist for teachers to reflect on their classroom practice. I'm planning to work with teachers to embed these practices in their programming and planning and whilst this paper has a science focus, the questions relate to all subject areas.
1. Are you conscious of the efforts you make to meet the needs of all your students? 2. Do you arrange classrooms and structure lessons to increase student motivation?
3. Whenever possible, do you provide students with options and choices regarding how they are going to learn and how they are going to show their learning?
4. Do you keep track of these different options?
5. Do you vary the ways in which you assess student learning?
6. Do you use cooperative learning and grouping strategies to increase student participation?5


Well spoken! Your comment is the ideal introduction as to convince my colleague to change some teaching practices concerning our shared classes.