Catalyst Volume 21 Issue 2: Full Magazine

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This issue of Catalyst includes the following articles:

Money, Mistakes and the Birth of a Science 

Looking at how the laying of telegraph cables across the ocean bed has led to the science of oceanography.

Your Future: Animal Technician 

This careers article looks at working with laboratory animals and their ethical treatment.

Ten Years On: the Human Genome Project Today

Knowledge of the human genome has increased greatly during the last 10 years, and the genome sequencing technique has become much faster.

Birth of an Ocean: Africa Splits Apart

The investigation by geographers of two tectonic plates which are separating in northern Ethiopia and how eventually a new ocean will form as a result.

Soil - the Final Frontier 

The organisms which live in soil, including worms and mycorrhizal fungi, are vital for keeping soil healthy and productive.

Down on the Farm, 10,000 Years Ago

The analysis of tiny residues of fats found in ancient pots allows archaeologists to determine which animals were being raised in the Neolithic period.

Pterosaurs - Flying Reptiles

Pterosaurs were flying reptiles which died out along with dinosaurs. Analysis of the fossil record has increased our knowledge of these creatures and how they lived.

Catalyst is a science magazine for students aged 14-19 years. Annual subscriptions to print copies of the magazine can be purchased from Mindsets.

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