Catalyst Volume 19 Issue 2: Full Magazine

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This issue of Catalyst includes the following articles:

In the Pink: Colour from Carotenes

This article explains how pigments pass along a food chain through a process called bioamplification.

Using Shape Memory Alloys

The article draws on the use of smart materials to help people with dementia live at home.

Selling Science Short

The article looks at testing implausible scientific claims in product advertising.

Aeroplanes, Shampoo and Super-Microscopes

Using the ISIS accelerator, which uses neutrons, to study the structures of materials at an atomic level is the main subject of this article.

Stephen Kill, Science Photographer

The article introduces Stephen Kill, a science photographer working in a scientific lab.

Risky Radiation

The article compares mobile phones and UV sunbeds for non-ionising radiation.

The Ethical Maze

The article draws on the issue of deciding right from wrong in biology.

Extracting Iron from Cornflakes

An experiment with breakfast cereal is the main focus of this article.

Tracking Ike

This article investigates how it is possible to track a hurricane from space.

Catalyst is a science magazine for students aged 14-19 years. Annual subscriptions to print copies of the magazine can be purchased from Mindsets.

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