Catalyst Volume 19 Issue 4: Full Magazine

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A special edition of Catalyst focusing on the work of Charles Darwin including articles on:

Celebrating Darwin

This article provides an interesting outline of the life and work of Charles Darwin.

A Box of Beetles

Darwin's beetle collection, an early step in his scientific career, is the main focus of this article.

The Socotra Archipelago

The article looks at the Socotra islands which are a natural 'laboratory' where ideas about evolution can be tested.

Charles Darwin at Down House

The article provides an insight into a day in the life of Charles Darwin at his home in Kent.

Darwin's Digital Children

The article explores using computer models which use natural selection to evolve new products.

H2O: Hot Ice and the Mysteries of Water

The main focus of this article is on some unusual features of the way water behaves when it is frozen.

Becoming a Chartered Engineer

The article looks at the career structure of a professional engineer.

Beagle Voyage

This article explores Darwin's travels on the Beagle which inspired his ideas about evolution.

Catalyst is a science magazine for students aged 14-19 years. Annual subscriptions to print copies of the magazine can be purchased from Mindsets.

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