Catalyst Volume 26 Issue 1: Full Magazine

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This issue of Catalyst contains the following articles:

Death of a king 

This Catalyst article investigates the remains of King Richard III of England, which have been excavated, and how they were analysed to establish the details of how he died.

What is Physics? 

This Catalyst article discusses what physics is. Physics is a subject which seeks to answer fundamental questions about the nature of matter and the Universe in a self-consistent way.

Tokamak power

This Catalyst article investigates tokamaks. A 'tokamak' is a device for generating high-temperature plasma in which nuclear fusion can occur; this may form the basis of a new generation of power stations.

Glaciology in the Himalaya

This Catalyst article investigates Glaciologists. Glaciologists are scientists who study glaciers and the effect climate change is having on them.


This Catalyst article investigates teixobactin, which scientists are developing as a new approach to tackling bacterial diseases to overcome the problem of antibiotic resistance.

Going into reverse?

This article investigates the Earth’s magnetic and discusses, since it is weakening, could it go into reverse?

The Edola outbreak

 This Catalyst article investigates the Ebola outbreak. Defeating the outbreak of the viral disease Ebola in 2014-15 required great medical effort. Antidotes and vaccines are under development.

Catalyst is a science magazine for students aged 14-19 years. Annual subscriptions to print copies of the magazine can be purchased from Mindsets

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