Rocket Science: Secondary Schools Resource Pack

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Rocket Science Secondary Resource Pack

Rocket Science is centred around a UK wide practical schools’ experiment.  This experiment is an interactive way to get students thinking about how plants might grow in space.

There are three curriculum linked activities in this resource:

Growing food for space exploration

Students plan and carry out an investigation to measure germination rates in soils with different particle size, and relate their findings to the soils found on Mars and the Moon.

Healthy eating for space travellers 

in this activity, students compare the vitamin C content of different plants to decide which should be grown in space to supplement the astronaut’s diet.

Hazards of space travel

Modelling mutation in seeds with Rabidops: this activity introduces mutation as a naturally occurring phenomenon that can be useful in producing new varieties of plant and animal. In space the chances of mutation are much higher than in Earth’s atmosphere. Students observe, record, and if possible explain the effects of mutation on a plant species through a modelling activity.


Rocket Science Experiment Overview

This resource provides an overview of the experiment protocol for the Rocket Science experiment.  Rocket Science is giving 10,000 UK schools the opportunity to engage their students in a UK-wide live science experiment to contribute to our knowledge of growing plants in space. After participating in a classroom experiment in May and June 2016, students will be asked to enter their results in a bespoke microsite so that results from schools across the nation can be collated and analysed by professional biostatisticians.

Full instructions will be provided in a printed Rocket Science Teachers’ Pack, which will be suitable for all ages and distributed to schools by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) before April 2016, ready to begin the experiment in May 2016. The pack will contain the two packets of rocket seeds, an A1-sized wall chart to enable students to monitor seedling growth, fun stickers and a booklet with simple step by step instructions for the experiment and room to record data.

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