Sustainable solutions (CREST Discovery Day)

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This resource pack about Sustainable Solutions has been developed to meet the CREST Discovery Award requirements. Designed as a team-based activity day where students design and create a sustainable start-up business concept linked to their community, by undertaking the tasks in the resource pack, students should be able to achieve a CREST Discovery Award.

Students work in teams to use digital tools and new technologies to tackle climate change in their local area. Using the Sustainable Solutions presentation students can explore the relationship between industry and sustainability. A case study acts as an introduction to the activities that follow which include research and development of a chosen idea. A prototype can be tested out and improved upon before a final presentation to peers and teachers at the end of the session allows the CREST Discovery passport to be completed and the award attained.  This could also be delivered as part of an after school club or enterprise activity over a few weeks rather than as a one day event.

This resource was created through collaboration between the British Science Association, UK Research and Innovation and the Welsh Government. Welsh language versions of the resource packs and presentation are also available.

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