Lesson 6 - The Spread of the Web

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The growth of the use of technology and the increased inter-connection of it using the internet has given rise to both benefits and dangers in equal measure. As with many things that have the potential to cause problems, it is the people using this technology that determine how much of a danger it can be. If more people use technology responsibly then the more good it can do.

In this lesson learners will begin by considering what types of technology threats there are. They will attempt to distinguish the different types of threats there are and likely broadening their appreciation of threats that go beyond the social engineering type dangers. They will begin to consider how technological threats can be minimised by considering what the different types of malware actually do. They will again summarise their learning on another web page that they can use to complete their showcase of learning over the entire unit. By reviewing what they have created they will also be refreshing their memories for a summative assessment of their learning at the end of the lesson.

This lesson is the sixth in a six session teaching unit provided by the National Centre for Computing Education. 

These teaching resources are published under the Open Government License v 3.0

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