Lesson 5 - Tightening The Web

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Search engines index a huge number of web pages against an equally large number of possible search terms. Finding useful information therefore is quite tricky. If we understand how to control what we search for more carefully, we have a higher chance of finding what we want and what may be more useful than the other millions of web pages we could look at.

In this lesson learners will investigate advanced search techniques. They will understand how search operators can be used to combine or exclude search terms to either expand or narrow search results. They will practice using these terms for specific purposes and then build on the work from the last lesson to create a new page that can be used to summarise their learning from this lesson. They will also learn how to hyperlink web pages into a complete website allowing navigation between the pages that they create.

This lesson is the fifth in a six session teaching unit provided by the National Centre for Computing Education. 

These teaching resources are published under the Open Government License v 3.0

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