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Is a vegan society a better society?

This resource explores what a vegan diet involves and considers the social and political implications of a vegan society. It is part of the collection of educational resources from The Economist Educational Foundation.

Session 1:

  • Explore different kinds of diets
  • Reflect upon assumptions made about particular diets

Session 2:

  • View veganism through different lenses: economy, health, ethics environment
  • Consider the arguments for and against veganism

Session 3:

  • Empathise with different groups of people with different pressures
  • Speak up from their point of view

Session 4:

  • Establish the value of compromises in a world where animal farming is prevalent
  • Assess where compromises can be made

Session 5&6:

  • Give a personal opinion on different speeches on veganism
  • Deliver a vlog to announce your verdict on whether a vegan society is a better society

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