Mass Production

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Students watch a car production line to demonstrate mass production taking place. Details are given on the characteristics of mass production, and how it can be applied to engineered products. Students consider how they could describe batch production and its advantages and disadvantages. Students may begin to research products made in batches.

A production line is set up so that students can produce a larger quantity of more cheaply made key rings. The production line involves Processing a raw material, preparing surface for marking, marking surface from template, cutting using coping saw, filing rough edges, sanding, wet & dry sanding, polishing, drilling, assembly and quality control checks at various stages.

Students continue to produce key rings using their production line, the reasons for this over the previous batches are discussed (it is offered that the pewter keyrings may be unaffordable for all students, so a cheaper mass produced acrylic key ring can still raise money for their charity, whilst being more accessible to all)

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