Batch Production

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Students begin by considering what items are produced in batches, and why? Details are given on the characteristics of batch production, and how it can be applied to engineered products. Students consider how they could describe batch production and its advantages and disadvantages. Students may begin to research products made in batches.

Students carry out a research piece into batch produced products. They then begin production of their own batch of products which are Pewter cast keyrings, this is produced by producing a small laser cut MDF mould which can be used to pour pewter into, students investigate the reusability of the moulds and how they can produce a consistent product. Quality control is applied to the product by students, so that the product is saleable in order to raise money for their charity.

Whilst continuing the batch production of pewter cast charity key rings students research batch production methods by explaining examples of items that are batch produced. Students also look at the links between the hand finishing techniques of the production method that demonstrate the level of skill needed for the batch method as being lower than the one-off but potentially more skilled than the methods not yet attempted.

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