Types of processor activities

This document contains a number of activities for students to carry out. They develop an instruction set for a fictional processor which forms a thought-provoking introduction to this topic. Encourage them to think about basic mathematical operations and how data values need to be manipulated within the CPU. This can act as a good introduction to RISC and CISC architectures as a by-product of the activity. In the second activity, students debate either for and against RISC or CISC. Give students time to prepare their case. They will find the next resource will also assist them. The third activity, which would be suitable as a homework task, is to develop a blog post or interactive presentation on the history, development and uses of the GPU. The final activity encourages students to research different categories of CPU and their characteristics. The external link at the end of this resource list will provide some data for this activity. It is also helpful for students to look at specifications of games consoles and mobile computing devices such as tablets and phones.


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