CS4FN Issue 22

This issue of Computer Science for Fun focuses on creative computing. Can a machine even ever be truly creative? After all they are just blindly following their programs. Surely that isn’t what creativity is about! But what do we really mean by creativity? We need to decide if we are to write programs that are creative.

The magazine is edited by Paul Curzon, Jo Brodie and Peter W. McOwan​

Articles include:

  • Expecting inspiration
  • Body Art
  • Storms in Ballet
  • Ant Art
  • Algorithm: Explain yourself!
  • Employ the Best or Bust!
  • Tlahcuilo -a visual composer
  • Scéalextric Stories
  • The Hive at Kew
  • Only the fittest slogans survive!
  • Manufacturing magic
  • Duplicating Dynamo's domino demonstration
  • Standup Robots
  • I wandered lonely as a mass of dejected vapour
  • Tattoo you?
  • Solving problems you care about
  • Film director needed
  • Back (Page) chat

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