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Mobile app development is an engaging way for students to learn programming and interface design as many do, indeed, "love their smartphone".

This complete learning package teachers the origins and development of the smartphone, helping them to appreciate the amount of technology packed into their pocket. It covers mobile operating systems and puts mobile software into contexts with which they'll be very familiar. 

Students soon move onto making their own apps with App Inventor, employing computational thinking skills such as decomposition, abstraction and algorithmic thinking. The exercises cover:

  • Interface design
  • Events and event-handlers
  • Use of variables, including within loops
  • Tranforming algorithms into programs
  • Modular programming

Each programming project involves cross-curricular learning, and provides opportunities for students to demonstrate deep learning of the concepts covered. 

All assets are provided, including App Inventor files and media files used in the apps. A series of screen-casts guides students all the way from accessing App Inventor online through to completing the programming projects. 

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