Stem Cells and Diabetes

Produced in 2015, this resource looks at how stem cell research is moving towards a therapy for diabetes and uses case studies of real scientific data to exemplify current work in the field. The resource also highlights the inter-disciplinary, collaborative and international flavour of contemporary biomedical science as it introduces a European project called ‘HumEn’ whose aim is to produce functional Beta cells in the lab that could be used for a treatment for diabetes.

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Dear National STEM centre,

As a teacher of the new Higher CfE Biology I had thought that this resource would have some data that students would be able to process as part of their assignment.

  This resource is very good.  I have just shown the clip to the group.  Case studies are very good, However they lack data in the numerical form that they could work with to fulfill the 6 marks available to Process relevant data.

I am due to attend the Understanding standards meeting next week (6th November) in Glasgow. If you could get a reply to me I would be grateful. 

Many students are finding this tricky and as a National Resource I hope that there might be more user friendly transcripts of the current journal articles that are at the correct level for Higher rather than University students.


Deborah Boam





Same as above.
Need numerical data please for students to process and interprete.