Space Case

Spacecraft materials kit: the challenge

Spacecraft materials kit: classroom demonstration

Investigate properties of materials and decide which would be suitable for use on a spacecraft, in this resource aimed at upper primary children. A PowerPoint presentation, which includes an introduction from a space scientist, sets the real world context for their challenge. Children then investigate eleven materials looking at mass, magnetic attraction, impact tests, electrical and thermal conductivity. They plan tests, record their findings and draw their own conclusions. Finally reporting back on which materials they think are most suitable for the satellite and why.

This activity has been created for use with the ‘Space Case’, a specially designed resource box available from STEM Ambassadors. Many of the activities could still be carried out in school, if a variety of materials could be sourced. If your school would like to borrow a space materials kit please contact your local STEM Ambassador Hub:

This resource has been developed by Nottingham Trent University and the European Space Agency (ESA).

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Who do we contact to borrow the Space Case?

Rachel Jackson

If you are registed on the Tim Peake Primary Project then contact the Space Ambassador allocated to your school. You can still register for the project next year by following the link in the resource description.


It looks like the application for the school preoject has closed. Can we still get the cubes and other resources? Is it possible to buy a case. We'd love to do this in our STEM club.

Rachel Smart

Hello Sally. thank you for the message. The cases can be borrowed via our STEM Ambassador hubs. if you can confirm your full address andcontact details via, i can make sure that your local hub makes contact with you to arrange for you to loan the kit. We do not sell these kits commercially unfortunately. I look forward to hearing from you

Ailbhe Duane

Hi, I attended the Tim Peake's 'Space in the Classroom' conference at the STEM centre in York on 22 February 2018. In the afternoon Tom Lyons demonstrated the 'Space Materials kit/Space case'. I would like to borrow these kits for my school (King's Ely Junior school, Ely, Cambs, CB7 4DB) and want to know how to do this. Ideally, I would like to borrow them the week either-side of half-term, which is either week/commencing 15/10/18 or week/commencing 5/11/18. Please can you let me know if this is feasible and how I go about booking and receiving the kits.

Jasmine Hinton


Please contact your local STEM Ambassador hub who will be able to help:

Kind regards