e-Textiles in a Box

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This professional development resource provides teachers with the basic knowledge to deliver an e-textiles project in the classroom. The four lessons of varying duration cover: • basic electronics with batteries and LEDs • Using craft techniques to create wearable electronics • Introductory programming with Arduino The project serves as an adequate introduction to Arduino for novices. It explains the structure of an Arduino program including initialisation and the loop section. Variables are declared and used in programs, and a range of errors are understood and debugged. The final project involves making a stuffed interactive monster toy that lights up and plays music. The guide covers basic theory of sound and musical tone. It also provides cutting and sewing patterns and other instructions for making the toy. The Arduino serial monitor is used and IF-ELSE statements are used for decision making. The guide provides a structure for teacher experimentation; with appropriate support, the approach could be used in the classroom with textiles and / or computing students.

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