Solar System Simulation Activity

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This activity introduces children to simulations - modelling or acting out real-world, or maybe imaginary, situations. Linking to the teaching of space, it asks what factors need to be considered when simulating the solar system. Out of these, the children then decide what the most important things to include in the model might be.

An 'unplugged' simulation is then attempted within the classroom, allowing children to consider the model as a whole - adequate space within the classroom is required. Children are then challenged to use a range of commands and tools within Scratch to create their own simulation - some prior experience of Scratch is advised.

They are encouraged to develop the model step-at-a-time, testing as they go. Towards the end of the lesson, children are asked to share what they have learnt and to evaluate the effectiveness of their simulation. Stretch & challenge and assessment opportunities are included; ample teacher notes provide background information on simulations and the concepts employed in creating them.

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