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Torbury Festival

Torbury Festival is a set of interactive lessons around staging of a music festival. To overcome various challenges, from floods to escaped cattle to over-excited crowds storming the stage, students must apply their mathematical knowledge to real life situations. The problems are intended to promote discussion, reasoning and creativity in order to ensure that the festival is a success. The four lessons are entitled: *Underwater *Merchandise mayhem *Cows gone wild *Emergency plans. Resources include an introduction, four lesson plans, video and audio clips, slides, resource sheets presenting the challenges, and some possible solutions to the problems. In completing the set tasks, students will calculate with decimals and percentages, calculate rates, find areas of circles, volumes of prisms and cylinders, construct triangles and bisectors of line segments and angles, and apply the idea of locus. To solve some problems students will solve equations and draw graphs of functions and use ICT. To use this resource: • download the zip file • extract all of the files • run the start file

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