LAMP Topic Brief 5: Photography

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This resource describes a unit of practical lessons in photography which also aimed to introduce some of the basic scientific concepts involved.

This unit was developed from work carried out with boys in the age range 14-16 years as part of the Lamp Project in 1977. The average reading age of the students involved was 11 years.

Learning objectives included:

* Demonstrate the ability to use a simple camera successfully, by:
(a) making the adjustments required to accommodate differences of light, distance and movement.
(b) setting the required adjustments on the camera.

*Discuss, in the simplest terms, the principles of a lens, shutter
and iris diaphragm.

*Carry out the developing process, using a d~ light developing tank,
to produce a negative.

*Use the dark room equipment to obtain a contact, or enlarged, print.

*Recognise and suggest reasons for faults in:-
(a) the taking of photographs
(b) the developing process
(c) the printing process.

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