Learning to grow: what employers need from education and skills

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This Education and Skills survey was published by the CBI in June 2012 and highlights the need for education to develop to meet the needs of employers. The survey measured the scale of employers’ activity on training and development, their involvement in the education system and the actions businesses need to be taken to boost the skills of existing employees and future entrants to the workforce. The data was compiled from a survey from 542 employers, from all sectors of the economy – both the public and private sector – of all sizes from very small companies to those employing 5,000 plus. Senior executives within each company completed the survey, such as Managing Directors, Chief Executives and human resources directors.

Contents: 1. The skills landscape 2. The fifth education and skills survey 3. Employers investing in skills 4. Raising standards in schools 5. Employer commitment to schools and colleges 6. Preparing for working life 7. Employers seek high skills for the future 8. Meeting the need for STEM skills 9. Graduates in the workforce 10. Linking businesses and HE more effectively 11. Building a responsive skills system 12. Communication means business

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